I have recently discovered a new podcast by an author, artist and poet by the name of Tanner Olson. The title of the podcast, “Walk a Little Slower,” is what caught my eye. My late husband always lamented that I walked too fast and due to his health issues, keeping up with me was difficult. I struggled to slow my steps and match my rhythm to his.

Tanner’s podcast is described in these words:

A podcast for those searching for a few moments to rest and encouragement. Author, poet, and host, Tanner Olson has created a space for you to slow down and lean into the truth around.On this podcast Tanner will share writings, answer questions, dig deeper, and invite you to walk a little slower. If you’re looking for inspiration, reminders of hope, notes on creating or are in need of a little distraction, tune in. For more visit writtentospeak.com

To listen to his introductory podcast on Spotify, go to:  https://open.spotify.com/episode/61OZxBaqSbGGeTvUllq2Gc?si=316c0c32ac404fec

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