Learning to read as a young child opened a world of adventure for me. I came to realize words can have a unique power and beauty. Sharing words in my devotional writings has become a joyful and rewarding experience for me and as a widow, I feel a special affinity towards those who are grieving or
experiencing loss.

Being retired does not mean I am not busy. I recently completed a Copyediting Certificate program and am currently enrolled in a Creative Writing Certificate program. My leisure time is spent with my married son and three grandchildren, or in writing or reading, or in trying new recipes. I am an avid baseball fan who looks forward every summer to following my favorite team, the Chicago Cubs.

I am passionate about sharing God’s love through my everyday life experiences. He has given me the gift of words and I look forward to sharing His love with you through those words.

Welcome to this space where we are all patched together in love!

Kay Pflueger